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Custom Bulk Orders

You can now order masks in bulk quantities..

"Masks received very positive response, all have said the quality and comfort is great and ease of use. Service and response times excellent." - Sandy, Law Firm NSW

Reputation for quality, fit and comfort

Our 'one size fits most' design has been tested and redesigned several times since the pandemic hit. We get consistent feedback from our customers that of all the masks they have bought, ours are the most comfortable and close fitting.

Aligned with WHO guidelines

All our custom mask orders are aligned with Australian Government recommendations for cloth masks: 100% polyester outer layer, a middle layer of polyester blend, with a soft 100% cotton inner layer. 

Custom fabrics available

We can help you align these face masks with your brand by customising the colours and fabric designs.

What is the minimum quantity?

For wholesale bulk mask orders, the minimum quantity is 50 masks.

How can I place an order?

Please call Jenna to place an order and discuss the price and turn around times based on your requirements and quantities.

Who makes our masks?

Individuals and community groups who have lost their jobs or who have been negatively impacted by the downturn of the economy due to COVID-19.

We can offer you discounts and our makers will be paid the same rates to help this money flow back to local families.