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Be a Maker

Got a sewing machine? Want to make some extra $$?

Great, we want to hear from you!

If you're super keen, you can fill out our registration form here.

Or, read on for more info...

With severe global shortages of medical face masks, our reusable/washable face masks are a stop-gap solution for the general public (and health workers) while this crazy situation sorts itself out.

Even if you have never used a sewing machine before, you can do this - a couple of test runs and you'll be manufacturing face masks like a pro! 

We recommend sourcing youtube tutorials for getting started with your machine. The only real "technique" you'll need to know is a return stitch.

To become a Mask Maker you will need:

- An ABN number

- A sewing machine and cutting tools

- Cotton material (plain or patterned in good condition)

- 3mm - 6mm Elastic (like this)

- Garden Wire (like this)

Will will provide the pattern and pay you for each mask you produce, covering materials and labor costs.

Each mask takes approximately ten minutes to make following our pattern and instructions.

For each batch of 50 masks made you can post them or drop them to us in Brisbane with an invoice - and we will distribute these to our customers in Australia.

Due to an increase in demand, we require a commitment from you to produce a minimum of 100 masks per week, the equivalent of 10-14hrs or work (depending on your sewing skills).

If this sounds good, you can register as a maker. Just fill out this form.


As many of you know, textile waste is a major contributor to CO2 emissions.

That’s why we’re encouraging our makers to use unwanted cotton clothes and bedlinen to make their masks. If you are the minimalist type, we suggest you get in touch with your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, or any other community groups or ask your neighbours to repurpose unused fabrics.

The only other material you need to supply is the elastic and wire. We recommend using elastic no thicker than 6mm width.

We buy 3mm braided elastic from EM Greenfields. About $24 for 294 metres! 

We buy Whites Garden twist wire (very thin, plastic coated) for about $8.50 for 100m from the garden section at Bunnings.

Please launder any repurposed material.


You will need an ABN to register. You can register for one online here.
We pay $6 for every mask that meets our quality standards. This includes $1 of materials. We cover postage. Just add it to your invoice. 

During our test runs, Jenna (novice seamstress) could make about 6 masks per hour which works out to be about $36 per hour, $6 of that would go to material costs.

The more you can use materials you have at home or source through donation, the more money you get to keep.

We suggest getting the whole family involved to ramp up those earnings and give them something to do!

We pay within 7 days receipt of goods unless an alternative arrangement has been made with us.

We also accept drop offs of stock if you are in Brisbane. 

Please track  your postage so you know when your shipment has arrived.


Make to Donate
Don't care about the money? Just want to get some masks to organisations in need? We may be able to arrange distribution. Please email us at maskmakery@gmail.com to find out more.