100% Cotton Designs On SALE 30% OFF! + Free Shipping on Orders over $100!

Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!
Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!
Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!
Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!
Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!
Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!

Adult Face Cover - 30% Off Sale!

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"I’m a nurse & I love my Mask Makery mask’s, they are comfy for all day, I can add layers to filter in different situations & they always get smiles from my residents, thank you 😊 " - Samantha, Redland Bay, QLD.

Adult Size: 21cm x 7cm 


  • 2 layers of cotton 
  • Changeable 3rd layer - you choose the filter layer that's most comfortable and breathable for you, whether that's an actual filter or non-woven fabric of choice (cut up green bags, chux cloth, paper towel - all great options).  Some masks are sewn with a filter layer but 2 layers is standard.
  • Nose wire shaping for a closer fit 
  • Washable to reduce waste
  • Flexible fit for comfort - you can choose to make ear or head straps when it arrives
  • One-of-a-kind piece - every mask features unique colours and patterns based on our Makers' imagination and the materials they have on hand. 
  • Elastic: 80cm (we send untied so you can fit it yourself)
  • 40% of every sale is paid to an Aussie maker who has lost their income due to the current crisis

    This product can be sanitised and reused by washing in warm water with laundry detergent and air drying. 

    Please follow the wash and wear instructions that will accompany your covers to ensure they remain as hygienic as possible. 


    We ask all of our valued customers to remember that Mask Makery was set up to make it easy for Aussies to earn income by making face masks. This means that every maker chooses their own fabric and is subject to limitations in what they can access from local suppliers. 

    Because we don't know what fabrics we will have at any time, we are sadly unable to give you a specific choice of colour and style. 

    However, if you do have a preference throw some words at us and we'll find something that fits the description.

    (Words like "plain", "dark", "pretty", "floral", "blue" "feminine" "unisex" "bright" or "yellow washes me out" etc will help us choose a design you'll love).

    We hope everyone is able to get into the spirit of this project and wear their face mask with pride.  

    We thank you in advance for your adventurous spirit and for your support of this project. 

     *Not intended for medical use.